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CAD Visualisation

Only integrated planning is professional planning

To be able to display integral salon concepts optimally, our interior architects work manually or create visualisation using *CAD software, specially developed for OLYMP. The photorealistic display options of CAD leave no room for misunderstandings. Their advantage: Maximal assurance in decision-making.  CAD is used mainly by designers and architects. The 3-D display options always amaze our customers. The design of the salon can be twisted and turned with a mouse click. You can take a virtual walk through it. You can change colours, structures, furniture and other items of equipment. And much more. Even light, shadows and reflections can be photo-realistically displayed with CAD. That is ultimately to your advantage. Because a CAD animation gives you a realistic preview. That is why CAD is one of the most important tools of modern salon planning. It means minimising risk and acts as a decision aid for complex salon projects. *CAD = Computer aided design

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